Capgun Boy
Jul 22

here’s the first official song off of this little record called Dog Years im trying to do. Lyrics below so you can sing along.


wasted and inspired, you almost set the house on fire
dropping your cigarettes
loveseat, stay over, kiss drunk then talk sober
i really do give a shit
what’s got you so forgetful
you were once a bright, see what had happened

and you blame it on your graduation
all those hands you shook shaking you apart
for any of a million reasons
twenty two and tired so connect the dots
a job that you can’t get
crushed by simple debt
can turn a good night bad, post-grad

problem ain’t special, some of us just hide it better
and blame it on bad luck
too late, expired, it’s too hard to hold that fever
when you’ve already been fucked
for being so damn pretentious
we were once good kids, showed such promise

but we blame it on our graduation
all those plans we made that we couldn’t start
for any of a million reasons
we were young and dumb so connect the dots
it’s work you don’t deserve
subtract it from your worth
makes the mornings such a drag, post-grad

night release, summer rain
cats hide, girls sleep
shit gets wet

Jul 19
on the sudden rain from my front porch in atlanta witnessed by me, sole sitter on said porch

if you listen well
real late at night
you can hear the ocean
laughing shoreways

what an asshole

Jul 18

teenage tangled she tastes
like pool water all
vulnerable bathing suit
behind tennis courts

it was june and now
it’s always june

Jul 18

something unstable
in the working world

my dog predicts

Jul 17

you sit front porch
stray cat like dry eyes
blowing smoke 
at the neighbors’ windows
and you may like it
but the moon
hates you for it.

Jul 17

there is the big bang
and then there is the graveyard
by your house

which one is

Jul 17

the window pane fogs
to front the ocean
but it’s my soft reflection
that wrecks the view

Jul 17

the fat sun taught me
the connection between
all things

the itch of my skin
the length of my fingernails

Jul 17

to be young is to have you
in your jean shorts
and your crop top
as an alternative
to consequence

Jul 16

the morning moon
see-through behind
taut thin clouds

your body bed-bound
and small back risen
and puddled

Jul 16

a touch of the artist 
can be found in any man
who performs poetic gestures
to woo women
or who creates designs 
in his piss bubbles.

Jul 13
haven’t really been writing poems latelyhaven’t really felt like itbeen doing lots of musicbeen doin’ okayhope y’all are doing okay too
Jul 8

haven’t really been writing poems lately
haven’t really felt like it
been doing lots of music
been doin’ okay
hope y’all are doing okay too

New strings need love
Jun 22

New strings need love

Jun 19

First track off of “Dog Years”