Capgun Boy
Sep 29

this is a song that doesn’t fit on dog years purely because it’s embarrassingly too much like bright eyes


the habits you choose give you something to do
though you now live alone you still make coffee for two
but you got too many cups, too much stuff
are they all souvenirs from something you lost

soon the morning will pass, wipe the fog from the glass
smoke every cigarette like it is your last
and keep waiting your turn, whistle at birds
you’ll feel closer to god when your song is returned

some days it finds you
burdened by the light on someone’s face
soon days get shorter
you won’t have to fill up that empty space
what worked before it don’t work no more
ever since you’ve been gone

and the nights can be fun, just keep the tv on
fill the house up with sound like she’s not even gone
and like you never gave up, no you’re not yet fucked
you just have too much time, you just have too much stuff

some nights it leaves you
traces of a name you can’t erase
all things apparent
wishing you could only take her place
but you drive so slow down that same road
for no reason, you’re just killing time

and some things are the most like what to do with her clothes
you put on layer upon layer but you still feel cold
and you’re not sure what that means but it’s embarrassing
you’d rather sleep on the floor, you’d rather keep everything

Sep 28


Sep 27

new song i did today, listen cuz i think you might enjoy it and its saturday and what else are you doing seriously

Sep 19

"Photograph" - Arcade Fire - "Her" soundtrack

hey i’m learning to play piano!


Sep 18

Shining Star off of Dog Years

first day of school, i got my new kicks
year of survival was 2006
learning a lot from all the other kids
we all had a problem nothing else could fix

i got in trouble with the principal
said i wasn’t doin good enough in school
got too much time and not enough to do
we should all want that someday, even you

no one wants to be the ones they are
i want to be a shining star
maybe i just grew up too late
but this is the sound that i always make
i’m ready for my heart to break, are you?

i met a girl when i was sixteen
i really got focused if you know what i mean
i found an answer with her all alone
she found an answer in my rock n roll

we got caught up in the worst of pairs
a teenage high school love affair
i’m not better off but i’m no worse for wear
you may ask what was the point, lemme share

no one wants to be the ones they are
i want to be a shining star
i may not get there but i’m on my way
i’m carrying some unexpected weight
waiting for my heart to break in two

and its a let down, your mother’s on the phone
you get so burnt out, been that way since you were young
is there a light on the porch for me at home?
hope i don’t need it, i can find it on my own

Sep 4

jaimie eats a blizzard last thursday. it’ll be our five year anniversary on the 9th.

Sep 1

I’m slowly learning how to play piano. Here is a little thing i came up with.

Aug 28


Aug 27

every song i record starts with a quick run through where i do every part in one take. if i screw up then fuck it. its just to get a feel of the song. the finished product might not sound anything like the first cut. so here’s an example of that. “The Knots” is the first song I wrote for Dog Years. And it might be my favorite. Hope you like it!

Aug 24

Here’s an acoustic version of “Shining Star” off of upcoming Dog Years

Aug 15

"Sister Stone" off of upcoming Dog Years. Lyrics below!

sister stone is seventeen, she always wears a jacket
studies in the library, i’m always walking past it
sister stone is in fca, sometimes i go just to see her
and when they close their eyes to pray, i stare right at her
cuz i know what she wants and i know what she needs
my heart is an animal, i live across the street

sister stone’s got a swimming pool, she only puts her feet it in
so i incite a baptism, we wash away our sins
like i know what you’re thinking of when you are alone
your love is an animal, are your parents home?
you’re a little lion under the uniform
caught you in the garden all wide-eyed and soaking wet

you work the days and sleep the nights
makes your mama proud but i know your kind
always saying no, then letting it go

sister stone was born and raised behind white picket
she was taught to curse my name before she even said it
that weight that you’re carrying, we all need release
your body’s an animal, sister let me see
so come on little lion take off the uniform
caught up in the reason you’re shaking and out of breath

you work the days and waste the nights
it don’t make you proud to live that life
always wanting more than what you can afford

Aug 8

"romance on the radio" - last track on upcoming Dog Years. I had been trying to use this chord progression in a song for years now and i think i finally got something that works with it. lyrics below, you be the judge.

you can take me for a fool
everything i pass reminds me of you
strangers and places too
the way the buildings rise beneath the moon
on night time city streets
i want the whole wide world to look at me
passing through the faces beneath the marquee

and it should be a crime
cuz i paid with my life
let the record show

romance on the radio
it comes and it goes
oh is my face red
you know all my secrets

i enter a familiar place
the golden street, the dark cafe
where everybody knows my name
i’m only passing through, i’ve got to steal away
to night time city streets
where the whole wide world is looking at me
but i’ve got nothing real to say
it’s an illusion you see

and if that is a crime
then i’ll pay with my life
oh let the record show

romance on the radio
it comes and it goes
oh is my face red
we share the same secrets

the habits you choose
give you something to do
even though you’re alone
you still make coffee for two

Aug 2
Jul 22

here’s the first official song off of this little record called Dog Years im trying to do. Lyrics below so you can sing along.


wasted and inspired, you almost set the house on fire
dropping your cigarettes
loveseat, stay over, kiss drunk then talk sober
i really do give a shit
what’s got you so forgetful
you were once a bright, see what had happened

and you blame it on your graduation
all those hands you shook shaking you apart
for any of a million reasons
twenty two and tired so connect the dots
a job that you can’t get
crushed by simple debt
can turn a good night bad, post-grad

problem ain’t special, some of us just hide it better
and blame it on bad luck
too late, expired, it’s too hard to hold that fever
when you’ve already been fucked
for being so damn pretentious
we were once good kids, showed such promise

but we blame it on our graduation
all those plans we made that we couldn’t start
for any of a million reasons
we were young and dumb so connect the dots
it’s work you don’t deserve
subtract it from your worth
makes the mornings such a drag, post-grad

night release, summer rain
cats hide, girls sleep
shit gets wet

Jul 19
on the sudden rain from my front porch in atlanta witnessed by me, sole sitter on said porch